Iphone 14 Is Likely to Be Offered With an Upgraded Selfie Camera

Iphone 14

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 by the end of this year, possibly with an upgraded selfie camera six years later. Among the phones introduced so far, the iPhone has a 12-megapixel selfie camera, but it is now possible to upgrade to a more megapixel advanced technology camera.

In addition, more features are likely to be upgraded in the iPhone 14 and its price is likely to go up to three times more than the iPhone 13 in countries like Pakistan and India due to the increase in the dollar rate.

Although Apple has not yet officially commented on the iPhone 14, there are rumors that the Pakistani price is likely to go up to more than Rs 4.5 lakh due to the rising dollar rate. The iPhone 13, which went on sale in September 2021, was priced from US 700 700 to US 11 1,100 and was offered in five different modules.


Similarly, the iPhone 14 is likely to be offered in different modules, with prices ranging from 1,200 to 1,800, dollars, and phones in Pakistani rupees with tax if the dollar rate continues to rise. The price will increase.

After the news of the price increase of the iPhone 14 came to light, users also made memes on it, and on June 14, the trend of the iPhone also came to the top in Pakistan.

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